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Our Team

We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who manage all aspects of the business. Our company is always prepared to serve you.

Administration and Accounting

curtis ford austin business

Curtis Ford

CEO, Founder

katheryn huynh

Katheryn Huynh


michael pierce cto

Michael Pierce


croy k property accountant

Cory Kirksey

Property Accountant

araceli ghiasi ap specialist

Araceli Ghiasi

AP Specialist

will wilkins

Will Wilkins

IT Manager

larry abbott operations

Larry Abbott

Operations Coordinator

haylee ford hr

Haylee Ford

HR & Marketing Specialist

keelee ford accounting

Keelee Ford

Accounting Intern

Real Estate & Leasing

craig jenkins site acquisition specialist

Craig Jenkins

Acquisition & Leasing Manager

tom vaught

Tom Vaught

Site Acquisition & Renewal Specialist

randy feming site acquisition specialist

Randy Feming

Site Acquisition Specialist

scott robinson site acquisition

Scott Robinson

Site Acquisition Specialist

Sales & Marketing


Brian Mannion

Sales & Marketing Manager

david hobbs account executive

David Hobbs

Account Executive

derek belzung account executive

Derek Belzung

Account Executive

erik arredondo account executive

Erik Arredondo

Account Executive

mary clarke account executive

Mary Clarke

Account Executive

penny harrison account executive

Penny Harrison

Account Executive

rosie miller account executive

Rosie Miller

Account Executive

sheila martignoni account executive

Sheila Martignoni

Account Executive

stephanie ziegler account executive

Stephanie Ziegler

Account Executive